Don’t Forget About Your Moving and Packing Supplies

Supplies, supplies, supplies! Made you think about the infamous Gomer Pyle? Well the only surprise in this instance will be on you if you don’t adequately prepare for your move. In addition to booking your move, preparing to pack is also essential. Who likes to pack? Nobody likes to deal with all of the particulars associated with packing.

Let me offer you some advice. As you’re getting the house ready for moving day, make sure you secure packing supplies. As a matter of fact, I recommend ordering your packing supplies from your moving company. Supplies that the professionals use are a sure way to secure your items from origin to destination. Let me take it a step further. If you can factor it into your budget, have your moving company pack and move you. Most full service moving companies will even throw in some packing packing supplies materials if they are conducting a full pack. Either way, make sure you at least garner your packing supplies from them. Your moving company will provide you with a moving kit that includes all of the supplies needed.

Don’t settle for previously used boxes and newspaper to protect years of memories and personal belongings. Resorting to penny-pinching on your packing supplies will cost you. Do it the proper way and save money in the end.

Your moving coordinator will make sure you have adequate dish packs, crating and more. It’s also important to make note of any fragile or large items requiring particular attention, your movers will bring extra packing supplies for those items.

In addition to your clothing and household accessories, you also want to make sure that your moving company quilt-pad wraps all of your furniture. This common but yet necessary task protects your items from nicks and scratches.