Vivo Y12 – A Smart and Powerful Phone


The Vivo Y12 was released during the second half of 2021 and was supposed to be the ultimate mobile phone. The manufacturer, Nokia, did a lot of work on the software and it has come out as a very impressive mobile phone. It offers high quality sound quality with clear calls, a rich media support and a large number of applications. However, the most impressive thing about this smartphone is the fact that it comes for a very affordable price. The reason for this is that the company does not have to bear the production costs, instead they sell their manufacturing rights and sell them to third parties who do the manufacturing.

The Vivo Y12 specifications & dimensions The internal storage of the Nokia Y12 is only able to hold a single gigabyte, but unfortunately this is just the low end of the storage capacity. The size of this device is quite small – it measures at only 4.2 inches in size, which makes it easy vivo y12 to pocket and keep within one’s pocket. The screen is also quite small, the screen having a widescreen format. The price of this smartphone starts from just over twenty three hundred pounds, including taxes.

The camera on the vivo y12 is a standard Aptina IMT-ITXe, with an eight megapixel primary camera and two miniature cameras – one with a Carl Zeiss lens and another with an optical lens. The rear camera is not present in the handset. The resolution of the primary camera is simply not enough for professional photographers and many people who want to take pictures will go for a better camera. If you want something a little more high tech you can opt for the rear shooter with a higher pixel.

Despite all the praise that has been heaped on the vivo y12, we have got to mention some negative points as well. Firstly, the battery life on this phone is poor, lasting only four hours on average. This is all down to the fact that the internal storage is only a little larger than that of the Plus model. In addition to this, the sound quality on the handset is quite poor and does not always come through loud enough. To conclude, the vivo y12 is a fine device, but lacks some key features found on its bigger siblings.

If you are looking for a phone with a lot of power, then the vivo y12 is not the handset for you. However, if you want a phone that gives a clear sense of performance, then the vivo y12 is a worthy competitor. The specifications are on the low end, but if you are looking for a phone that will perform and give you good value for money, then the Y10S is clearly worth considering. The handset is powered by an advanced quad-core Helio P22 processor, and also has a powerful Adreno 430 camera. If you want to transfer pictures in bulk, then this is the handset for you, and despite lacking some key features found on its sibling, the vivo y12 is still a great buy.

The vivid screen, sharp sound quality, and the advanced connectivity options on the vivo y12 make it the ideal smartphone in many respects. The one downside is that its relatively small size means it doesn’t have a lot of room to add extra memory. Fortunately, the large storage space offered by other devices makes up for this somewhat. The Y10S also offers support for high definition video recording, though the only formats it supports are the lower quality alternatives like ProRes and standard definition. Despite this, the multimedia support on the vivo y12 is great and will allow you to keep growing your media library for longer.